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    • 08/06/2024
    • 08/08/2024
    • 3 sessions
    • Memphis | Nashville | Knoxville

    2024 PPAMS 
    Road Shows


    Dates & Venues*

    Memphis Roadshow - August 6, 2024
    Avon Acres, 4361 Summer Ave, Memphis, TN 38122

    Nashville Roadshow - August 7, 2024
    The Fairgrounds Nashville, 625 Smith Ave, Nashville, TN 37203

    Knoxville Roadshow - August 8, 2024
    Rothchild’s Catering & Conference Center, 8807 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37923

    *Venues subject to change. PPAMS notify exhibitors and attendees of any changes to venues as soon as possible.

    Show Times & Setup for all locations*

    7:00am – 10:00am Exhibitor Setup
    10:00am – 2:00pm Show Hours

    *Show Times & Setup times are subject to change. PPAMS will notify exhibitors and attendees of any changes to the schedule as soon as possible

    Visit PPAMS.COM/ROADSHOWS for more information

    • 08/06/2024
    • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    • Avon Acres, 4361 Summer Ave Memphis TN, 38122

    August 6, 2024

    Avon Acres
    4361 Summer Ave
    Memphis, TN 38122
    Show Hours: 10am-2pm

    Distributors and Clients Welcome


    • 08/07/2024
    • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    • The Fairgrounds Nashville Expo Center, 625 Smith Ave Nashville, TN 37203

    August 7, 2024

    Nashville Fairgrounds
    625 Smith Ave,
    Nashville, TN 37203

    Show Hours: 10am-2pm
    Distributors and Clients Welcome


    • 08/08/2024
    • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    • Rothchild's Catering & Conference Center 8807 Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN 37923

    August 8, 2024

    Rothchild's Catering
    8807 Kingston Pike
    Knoxville, TN 37923

    Show Hours: 10am-2pm

    Distributors and Clients Wecome


Past events

02/29/2024 2024 PPAMS MidSouth PromoShow - EXHIBITOR
02/29/2024 2024 PPAMS MidSouth PromoShow - DISTRIBUTOR
02/28/2024 2024 PPAMS Membership, Awards, and Hall of Fame Dinner
02/28/2024 Wild Wednesday Webinar: “WOW Starts with You!"
02/13/2024 Tuesday Learning Lab: "A Tour of QuickBooks Online, some tips and tricks, and how it Integrates with SAGE Online"
01/31/2024 Wild Wednesday Webinar: “2024 State of the Industry with ASI CEO Tim Andrews”
01/09/2024 Tuesday Learning Lab: "Workplace Violence Preparedness – Active Assailant Response"
12/13/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar: "Purpose, Passion, Principles, Practices: The Four P’s of Success"
12/05/2023 Tuesday Learning Lab: "Writing the Order Right!"
11/15/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar: "Now That You’ve Decided to Sell Your Business – What’s Next?"
10/25/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar: ""Retirement Readiness"
10/10/2023 Tuesday Learning Lab: "Mastering CANVA for Promo"
09/27/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar: "2023 State of the Industry from ASI"
09/22/2023 Pints & Pups!
09/12/2023 Tuesday Learning Lab: "Seven Reasons Why Marketing Fails and Ways to Prevent Them"
08/30/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar: "Hit the TARGET with Your Marketing"
08/22/2023 Tuesday Learning Lab: "Grow Your Business with Food Gifts It’s Not Just for Holidays Anymore"
08/18/2023 PPAMS Baseball & Branding
08/10/2023 2023 PPAMS Road Show Knoxville- Distributor Registration
08/08/2023 2023 PPAMS Road Show Memphis - Distributor Registration
08/08/2023 2023 PPAMS Road Shows - Exhibitor Registration
07/26/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar: "Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility, How They Can Make a Difference in Your Business"
07/11/2023 Tuesday Learning Lab: "Going For the Gold, Building and Entering an Award-Winning Pyramid Marketing Campaign"
06/28/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar: "What's New?"
06/13/2023 Tuesday Learning Lab: "What can the New AI-Powered Functions in SAGE do for You."
05/31/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar: "Packaging – YES, it IS a Promotional Product and it’s Not Going Away"
05/09/2023 Tuesday Learning Lab: "Winning the Pitch: Selling Best Practices Using Online Stores"
04/26/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar: ““2023 State of the Industry with ASI, CEO, Tim Andrews”
04/25/2023 SAGE Conference
04/11/2023 Tuesday Learning Lab: “WHY QUICKBOOKS and WHICH ONE?”
03/29/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar: "Own the Brand to Own the Business"
03/28/2023 PPAI: Promotional Products Work Expo
03/14/2023 Tuesday Learning Lab: "Marketing Tactics for Certain Growth in Uncertain Times"
02/22/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar: "Top Tips for Growth in 2023 with Charity G!"
02/14/2023 Tuesday Learning Lab: "Outsourced Artwork Services: Up Your Game, Lower Your Cost"
02/01/2023 2023 PPAMS Hall of Fame Dinner
02/01/2023 2023 PPAMS MidSouth PromoShow
01/25/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar: "Promotional Products Industry TRENDS for 2023"
01/17/2023 Tuesday Learning Lab: "It's Never To Early to Position Your Business for a Successful Exit"
12/14/2022 Wild Wednesday Webinar: "The 7 Deadly Sins of the Promotional Products Buyers"
12/06/2022 Tuesday Learning Lab: "Local SEO – A Guide to Getting Found on Google Using Your Google Business Profile"
10/26/2022 Wild Wednesday Webinar: "Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging is for Everyone"
10/19/2022 PPAMS Boo-wling
09/28/2022 Wild Wednesday Webinar: "Winning Distributor Sales Campaigns"
09/13/2022 Tuesday Learning Lab: "Increasing Revenue Through Online Stores"
08/31/2022 Wild Wednesday Webinar: How PPAI Promotional Products Work can Elevate Your Business
08/09/2022 Tuesday Learning Lab: Multi-Task Like A Pro: How to Manage All Your Projects at Once
08/09/2022 2022 PPAMS Road Shows
07/27/2022 Wild Wednesday Webinar: "Data-Driven Blueprint for Success"
07/12/2022 Tuesday Learning Lab: "Fulfillment Program: Potential and Ptifalls"
05/25/2022 Wild Wednesday Webinar: How to Charge for Creative Services (as a Distributor)
03/30/2022 Wild Wednesday Webinar: "AMPlify Your Sales"
03/15/2022 Tuesday Learning Lab: “Creating a Brand that Matters”
02/09/2022 2022 PPAMS Hall of Fame Dinner
02/09/2022 2022 PPAMS MidSouth PromoShow
10/27/2021 Wild Wednesday Webinar
10/12/2021 Tuesday Learning Lab
09/30/2021 Pints & Promos: Memphis
09/29/2021 Wild Wednesday Webinar
09/14/2021 Tuesday Learning Lab
08/25/2021 Wild Wednesday Webinar
08/17/2021 2021 PPAMS PromoShow
08/16/2021 Hall of Fame Dinner
06/30/2021 Wild Wednesday Webinar
06/24/2021 Pints & Promos: Chattanooga
06/23/2021 Pints & Promos: Knoxville
04/28/2021 Wild Wednesday Webinar
04/13/2021 Meet the PPAMS Board - Trivia Tuesday
03/31/2021 Wild Wednesday Webinar
03/30/2021 2021 PPAMS Road Shows
03/16/2021 Midwest Leadership Conference
03/09/2021 Tuesday Learning Lab
03/03/2021 PPAMS Power Hour
02/24/2021 Wild Wednesday Webinar
02/09/2021 Tuesday Learning Lab
12/16/2020 WILD WEDNESDAY WEBINAR: Grow Your Business with Mobile Geotargeting
12/09/2020 WILD WEDNESDAY WEBINAR: What Will Be the Future of Promotional Products
12/08/2020 TUESDAY LEARNING LAB: ExpoDirect-2-You “Sneak Peak”
11/18/2020 WILD WEDNESDAY WEBINAR: The Disruption is Here, Are You Ready for the Future of Work?”
11/17/2020 TUESDAY LEARNING LAP: Grow Sales with Digital Catalogs & Flyers
10/27/2020 PPAMS Trunk-R-Treat Shows
10/20/2020 Power of Promo - Surviving 2020 Edition
10/01/2020 PPAMS Virtual Road Show - The One With The Pandemic
09/30/2020 WILD WEDNESDAY WEBINAR: New Growth Opportunities for Distributors - Brand Media and Engagement
09/16/2020 WILD WEDNESDAY WEBINAR: Rise from the Ashes! How to Start Recovery Now”
09/15/2020 TUESDAY LEARNING LAB: Canva: Graphics Made Quick, Easy & Free. No, Really!
08/26/2020 WILD WEDNESDAY WEBINAR: Finding Your Voice - Strategies to Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace
08/11/2020 2020 PPAMS Roadshows
06/24/2020 WILD WEDNESDAY WEBINAR: Marketing Your Promo Business in the New Landscape
06/17/2020 WILD WEDNESDAY WEBINAR: The Day After Tomorrow
06/10/2020 WILD WEDNESDAY WEBINAR: Getting Noticed with a Powerful LinkedIn Profile & Resume
06/03/2020 WILD WEDNESDAY WEBINAR: Stay in Front of Customers While Social Distancing
05/13/2020 Webinar: COVID-19 Town Hall with Paul Bellantone & Anne Stone
05/06/2020 Webinar: How to Open Doors During a Recession
05/01/2020 Virtual Brunch & Learn
04/29/2020 WEBINAR: COVID-19 Where Do We Go From Here?
04/22/2020 WEBINAR: When It Rains Lemons
04/15/2020 WEBINAR: Work at Home Technology
04/08/2020 WEBINAR: When the Pendulum Swings Back, Will You Be Ready?
03/23/2020 WEBINAR: Working Hard From Home vs. Hardly Working From Home
02/06/2020 VIP Access for 2020 MidSouth PromoShow
02/06/2020 2020 PPAMS Mid-South PromoShow
02/05/2020 25th Anniversary Membership & Awards Dinner
02/05/2020 PPAMS Power Lunch
12/18/2019 PPAMS Holiday Happy Hour

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