2018-19 PPAMS Board


Kimberly Burky Stunkel
Phone:  404-643-6907
Company: M. Burky & Associates
E-Mail: kimberly.burky@gmail.com 


Vice President
RAC Delegate
Show Co-Chair
Meghan Kory
Phone: 470-455-8720
Company: Hit Promo
E-Mail: mkory@hitpromo.net


Tradeshow Co-Chair
Summer Nichols
Phone: 731-413-2258
Company: Zebra Promotions
E-mail: summer.nichols@zebrapromos.com


Membership Development Chair

Paul Cline
Phone: 615-942-5207
Company: Geiger
E-Mail: pcline@hitpromo.net 


Immediate Past President
Awards Chair
Bill Petrie
Phone: 615-601-3125
Company: PromoCorner
E-Mail: bill@promocorner.com  

Communications Chair
Anna Henley
Phone: 615-477-5980
Company: Spot-Prints
E-Mail: anna@spot-prints.com

Kimble Bosworth
Phone: 615-715-0545
Company: Proforma
E-Mail: kimble.bosworth@proforma.com  

Public Service Chair
Jackie Clark
Phone: 615-715-0545

Company: BIC Graphic USA
E-Mail: jackie.clark@bicgraphic.com


Professional Dev. Chair
Javier LaFontaine

Phone: 651-202-1886
Company: Showdown Displays
E-Mail: jlafontaine@signzoneinc.com 


Administrative Assistant
Rocky Moreno
Phone: 615-465-8109
E-Mail: rocky@ppams.com

Executive Director
Mark Farrar
Phone: 615-465-8109
Company: PPAMS
E-Mail: mark@ppams.com 


Want to join the PPAMS Board of Directors?

According to Article III Section III.6 of our Bylaws a nominating committee appointed by the current PPAMS President will be formed on June 1 of each year (unless otherwise determined by the board). To be nomination for a PPAMS Board of Directors position you'll need to contact the current PPAMS Executive Director Mark Farrar prior to the formation of this committee.